In everything we do, we believe in helping clients make the right choices at pivotal times in their lives, thereby easing financial concerns.

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Making the right choices begins with identifying one’s values, needs and interests. It continues with balancing these within the context of one’s whole style of living. To help clients make the right choices, Entrust Financial, LLC has formulated a holistic wealth management process.

Our commitment to providing holistic wealth management resulted from the discovery that devastating financial mistakes can happen to anyone, regardless of the depth of their affluence. In fact, they are likely to happen to anyone who has addressed investment planning to secure their financial independence but  stopped there. Our team’s cumulative experience of ninety years of providing financial advice has reinforced the fact that investment planning is not the end-game; it is just the beginning of wealth management.

The nature of “holistic” is to deal with whole or complete systems rather than to dissect into individual parts. Our Entrust Financial team believes holistic wealth management does just that. It balances the elements of a holistic system beginning with investment planning as the foundation of each client’s financial house; from there–within the context of the client’s whole style of living–it addresses concerns that go beyond investing. With assistance from a team of strategic professionals, personalized strategies are created to fulfill wealth enhancement, wealth transfer, wealth protection, and charitable giving needs.

Our firm is an independent, registered investment adviser. We have a strong commitment to providing objective, customized advice and adhere to the fiduciary standard of always putting our clients’ best interests before our own. We partner with clients to help them make the right choices at pivotal times in life, so they may achieve all that is important to them.